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EastMinster came into existence when Susan Bradley was watching the WestMinster Dog Show with new adopted Romeo curled up in her lap. It was the weekend of the ATT ProAm and very stormy. There was no internet or TV.  When the TV did pop on, it was the Westminster Dog Show.

See adoption story below.  While watching the Westminster Dog Show at Jewel's home in the Carmel Highlands:

“I was thinking...why is it that so many wonderful dogs and pets are left out just because they don't have papers?    Why is it that Westminster is on the East coast?  Hmmm, so why don't we create an EastMinster on the WEST coast for all dogs to compete in and be celebrated."

The Westminster Dog Show is for high falluting dogs.  The EastMinster Dog Show is for all-falluting dogs!

The next morning, Susan called Jewel on the East Coast and said...get out here to the WEST coast we've got to serve all those other dogs -shelter dogs, service dogs, rescue dogs, mutts, hybrids, and even pedigreed dogs that just won't make it into Westminster Dog Show because they are a bit too short, etc.  Let's give owners and children a chance to show their dogs and win trophies for various categories.

Jewel, being the adventurous pet lover that she is, flew two days later and we got to work-first creating the radio show to start helping EastMinster Dog Shows and the EastMinster Animal Welfare Alliance.   Jewel coined the phrase: Just because your dog doesn't have a pedigree doesn't mean it can't be a Champion!

Romeo's adoption story:  After my last dog passed away in 2001,  I said..."I am never going to go through that again.  That was just too hard."   If you have gone through this then you know what I mean.

In 08, my daughter Ariana, kept on saying: "Mom, you need to get a dog again."  She had grown up with three large rescued dogs, Joshua, Goldie, Asia and a cat, named Cashmira. 

On New Years Day 2009, I started looking on line for a dog.  I saw one on line that looked like Romeo but he was named Marty at the time.  I didn't make a call about the dog right then.  Little did I know that I would be meeting Romeo (formerly Marty) in person in the most serendipitous way or that this dog would be the one I saw on the website.  I say it was "A God Thing"    I was doing a nursing visit with another Hospice Nurse out in Hollister.  Note: Even though I moved to CA from OH in 2001, I had never ever been in Hollister until that day.

What a surprise that my very 1st trip to Hollister would culminate in bringing sweet Romeo into my life.  My life has never been the same.

When we arrived at the house...Three sweet little white dogs ran out to greet us which prompted me to say:  "Oh, I want a dog."
To my delight, one of those three cuties was being fostered for the shelter: All Creatures Great & Small.  Romeo, glommed onto me while I was there for 90 minutes. His wonderful foster parents; George and Judy Thombey asked me what I was doing with him as they had never seen him so tranquil.  Romeo could care less about the other nurse....he adopted me!  I filled out the application for adoption a few days later and Romeo joined my family soon after. 

The day that Romeo was brought to my home, I put my hand on the car window he was sitting by: He licked the window where my hand was. This is a match made in heaven for both of us.  He's the best thing that ever happenned to me.  So, yes, you could even blame Romeo "smile" for instigating EastMinster.

Jewel's so fallen in love with Romeo that she often says: "That could have been "my dog."   She adopted her own rescue dog on Sat. April 4th from All Creatures Great & Small  Miko now named Nicolette is a miniature Schnauzer who was found pregnant and abandoned in a red tagged home.  Nicolettes 5 puppies have been born and housed at and are the process of being adopted.

Video of Jewel adopting Miko--now known as Nicolette. Nicki is adjusting perfectly to her new home and new mother, Jewel.   Nicolette is a miniature Schnauzer. Here is the video of Adoption Day. It's very touching.
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