Join the EastMinster Pet Show! It's all about PETS!!! - Pet Shows, Competitions, Shelter Fundraisers, & Radio  Show
Silver Level Membership
HELP THE ANIMALS BY Joining the EastMinster Animal Welfare Alliance by donating & receive a free gift of natural pet treats & invites to special members only events.
Price: $10.00
Gold Level Membership
Receive Special Invitations to Members ONLY socials, 50% discount off local PetSign Language classes & Socials Car Decal, Natural Pet Treats, Discount card to save $$$ off of pet stores & services.
Price: $20.00
Platinum Membership Level
All of the above benefits plus a Proud Parent of an EastMinster Pet T-shirt with your Pet's photo on it.
Price: $50.00
Pearls Membership Level
All of the above plus a harp music cd, a signed copy of Animals Sign to You by Sean Senechal-Worldwide Animal Sign Language Expert, & one 25% off coupon fr Diggedy Dogs in Carmel
Price: $100.00
Diamonds Membership Level
All of the above benefits plus a ROAM-eo PET GPS Monitor
Price: $500.00
Help the Animals!
Here's how:
A. Become a Foster Pet Parent 
“ I have loved being a foster parent.  Nurturing and caring for dogs and cats that have recently been abandoned so that they can be rehabbed and ready for a loving family has totally fulfilled my life." Thankyou EASTMINSTER PETS for encouraging me to take the plunge!
Kitty Schulz
FOR INFO on FOSTER PET PARENTING:  Contact Jewel [email protected] 
B. Donate to the EastMinster Animal Welfare Alliance
“Join the EastMinster Animal Welfare Alliance! It's all about PETS!!!
Besides helping local animal shelters and the animals they care for, you will receive official EASTMINSTER discounts from pet stores, pet day cares, vets, restaurants, grocery stores and more!