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Parade Sponsorship
EastMinster Pet Parade provides pet-related organizations an opportunity to educate the public and create awareness about animal welfare and the benefits we all receive from pet ownership.
EastMinster supports a weekly radio show, as well as honors those who have made a positive impact on the lives of others ~ whether it is the rescue pet itself or the owners. Your donation will help insure the success of our first Annual EastMinster Pet Parade event.      
EastMinster raises funds for rescues and shelters to continue their work, as well as provide paw’sitive research grants for organizations that help improve the quality of animals' lives.                          
To become a Sponsor for the Pet Parade, fill out the Sponsorship Registration Form, make a check payable to EastMinster, and mail both to EastMinster, PO Box 3836, Carmel, CA 93921.
Downloadable and in-page forms follow.
Downloadable Sponsorship Form
In-Page Sponsorship Form
 $  500 ~ Your donation gives you these benefits:   
   *  Listing in event flyer and thank you ad      
 1,000 ~ Your donation gives you all of the above benefits, plus:    
   *  Complimentary 10 x 10 booth space at the event     
   *  Name listed on event T-shirts 
 $ 2,500 ~ Your donation gives you all of the above benefits, plus:   
   *  Special recognition in all press releases   
   *  A 30-minute radio interview that is broadcast in two counties and streamed on the internet worldwide. An archived version that is downloadable for one year at (You can even use this interview on a website)
   *  Two months of radio ads on the EastMinster Pet Show   
   *  Display of one company banner at the event   
   *  Booth location in an area of your choice          
$ 3,500 ~ Your donation gives you all of the above benefits, plus:   
   *  Audio announcements at the event   
   *  Additional 10 x 10 booth space   
   *  Logo on all posters and advertising material   
   *  Logo on event brochure   
   *  Listing on event web site   
   *  Display of second company banner at the event   
   *  Inclusion in all Print Advertising: Weekly, Pine Cone, and Herald 
4,000 Your donation gives you all of the above benefits, plus:   
   *  Credit in media and sponsor advertising   
   *  Display of third company banner, 1 at front gate   
   *  Logo on event T-shirts   
   *  Promotional event time on center stage                    
To sponsor this event, please contact:   
  Susan Bradley at 831/238-6111     
Company Name ________________________________________________  
Contact _______________________________________________________  
Address _______________________________________________________  
City, State, Zip _________________________________________________  
Phone ________________________________________________________  
Email _________________________________________________________  
Payment Type:     □  Check      □  Money Order  
Amount Enclosed _______________________________________________  
Make payable to:  EastMinster  
Mail payment and Sponsorship Registration Form to:  
   EastMinster, PO Box 3836, Carmel, CA 93921-3836