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Dog No No’s

Having a dog at home entails a lot of responsibilities from the proper grooming, cleaning and health care. But believe it or not, dog owners are healthier because of the joy and smile that a dog brings in addition to teaching the importance of responsibility to your children. All your hard work and efforts are seen by your dogs and is repaid by his loyalty, friendship and protection. Now that is priceless!

Here are some dogs no no’s that you must know to better take care of your pet friend
Chocolates – Chocolates are a big NO for your dog. It contains a chemical (Theobromine, which is a family of caffeine) that harms their nervous system when ingested even on ample amounts. But if accidentally ingested by your dog, you need to induce vomiting like a “gastric lavage” and or introduce activated charcoal. But if you are hesitant to do so, rush your dog to the nearest vet for treatment.

MSG – MSG or monosodium glutamate is as bad as chocolate for your dogs, never feed them table food with msg. The spice that we love is toxic for your dogs, it contains a compound that harms them.

Raw food – Feeding your dog raw meat can be as harmful as feeding it to a human. Though dogs are known to have better digesting prowess than us, they are still vulnerable to bacterial and parasitic infection from raw meats.

Too much Protein – Dogs needs protein. But like us it should be on an acceptable levels only, otherwise your dog will have difficulty in digesting it and excess amino acids can build up to his kidneys. Excessive protein may also reflect on your dog’s skin and fur, the protein tends to shed your dogs excessively and or cause skin problems.

Chicken bones – Chicken bones are small and sharp, feeding it your dog can cause internal bleeding. Be sure to only give your dog bones that aren’t sharp and is big enough so he couldn’t swallow it whole.

Never let drink stagnant water – always provide fresh and clean water to your dog and train him where to take a sip. Dirty water can cause stomach problems and even poisoning.


Your Dog’s Health

Like us, Dogs our prone to various illnesses and infection as well. Large breeds are common to hip dysplasia and joint diseases while infections and autoimmune diseases are common to small breeds. Some congenital anomalies also threaten dogs. Some maybe of physical projection while others on health.

Most Dog diseases can be prevented by commercially available vaccines but it all comes down on how you take care of them.

Taking care of a dog should be holistically and is a lifelong commitment. And the commitment starts even before you got them. Conducting a research on how that specific dog breed that you’ll be getting ensures a well rounded preparation for your new family member.

Like us, dogs must have regular exercise especially the working lines. They need to have some open space to run and jump all they want. If do not have a backyard big enough, then dog parks will be your best friend.

Area sanitation often times in an issue to dog owners, you dogs place or cage must e cleaned regularly and sanitized to prevent various types of bacterial and fungal infections. Viral infections commonly are picked up by licking. Be sure to train your dog not to lick the ground during a walk.

Choosing the right food will also play a vital role to your pet. There are many dog food available in the market but it must have the right amount of protein and other essential nutrients to keep your dog healthy, anything in excess can be of harm to them.

Providing clean water every day is a must as they are prone to heat strokes during really hot days and dehydration from all the running and jumping.

If you think that you can commit to all of the above mentioned then you are ready and will be a terrific dog owner, otherwise you might want to consider a stuffed toy for now.