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Training Your Dog: Your dog wants you to train him. 

If you know how to train him and are consistent, he will feel more loved and secure.    *You should never have to force your dog with your hands to make him sit if you learn proper training techniques.  * When training-Use graduating words.  Ya, Ya, YES!  instead of just Yes so that your dog will know he or she is getting close.  Use, Nah, in place of No. Save NO for stronger situations. * Praise them whenever  you see them do something that you want them to do. * Dogs understand words and watch you for signals.  You are always training them, even when you don't know it, so be careful. Email us for suggestions on where to go for Dog Training   .Susa[email protected]   
Fleas & Ticks,
oh Ick!

FLEAS: Did you know that common everyday BORAX will dehydrate and kill fleas that jump off your pets into your carpets and onto your floors? 

It's safe and easy to use.for instructions on how much and where to use Borax, email us at [email protected]

It's important to know that there are 2 types of ticks. A dog tick and a deer tick.  The deer tick is the one that transmits the deadly Lyme disease.  A tick needs to be on your pets body for at least 48 hrs to get Lyme disease so check your pet over religiously and especially if he or she has been in taller grasses.

Don't panic if you see a tick on your pet. Romeo just had one near his mouth and then one week later a new one by his eye! 

The dog tick is black. The deer tick is grey. The first symptom you may see if your dog gets Lyme disease is lameness in more than one leg.  Usually at least 3 of their legs.  

Removing Ticks: You must get the head and the body or your dog can get infected.  Getting the tick to let go and back out is the ideal solution.
Tea Tree oil suffocates the tick plus it annoys the tick.  Apply near the head of the tick with a q-tip.

You can also purchase special tick removing tweezers.  Follow the directions on the package.

Make sure you dispose of that tick by killing it dead, dead, dead or it will live and breed in your house.

NEVER EVER squish the tick with your fingers or YOU COULD BECOME INFECTED.

Brushing your Dogs Teeth

Hmmm, does Fido's breath turn you off?  Brush his teeth!

If you've never brushed your dog's teeth there are a FEW IMPORTANT TIPS TO KNOW.

1. Only use Dog toothpaste!!! Why? Human toothpaste is toxic to dogs.  Plus dog toothpaste is flavored so that your dog will like it.
2. Do not use human toothbrushes..they are too stiff for your dog.
3. First get your dog used to you messing with his or her mouth by putting some of the pet toothpaste on your fingers and rubbing it in his mouth. LET HIM LICK YOUR FINGERS.

4.DOG TARTAR usually accumulates to the outside of the teeth so this is the most important area to brush.

5.Bring treats to the first tooth brushing session.  You must make this fun for your dog.  After you get your pet used to the toothpaste and your fingers in and around their mouth, bring out the toothbrush and let them play with it a bit.

6. Once your dog associates a bit of play with the tooth brushing and that there are treats too, get busy brushing.

7. You do  "NOT" need to RINSE  out the toothpaste.

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